Frictionless biometrics
Complicated science and Simple UX

We help shift the burden of user authentication from the customer to the technology. In creating unique set of technologies, ID R&D eliminated cumbersome authentication methods and developed a science-driven, highly secure, seamless customer experience.


Learn more about our R&D-based biometric solutions. Our scientific team is composed of multiple PhD fellows who have won several prestigious awards and published a number of scientific journals.



ID R&D specializes in the next generation of authentication solutions including voice, behavioral, and fusion biometrics



Highly accurate voice biometrics with low footprint and flexible deployment options. IDVoice delivers a consistent experience with far-field microphones & no quality deterioration in noisy environments.

Voice Anti-spoof

An award-winning solution that can distinguish between human voice, recording of a human voice and computer generated/modified voice (TTS and VC).


Behavioral biometrics utilize unique individual patterns in the way people interact with various devices for frictionless and reliable authentication. This makes for a very friendly UX.


Our flagship near frictionless solution for mobile login combines facial recognition and behavioural biometrics making it into the first of its kind in simplifying multi-modal biometric login for mobile and web. All users have to do is type their username for multi-factor, multi-modal biometric ID.


World’s first frictionless, continuous multi-modal biometric verification product for chatbots and virtual assistants. It doesn’t matter if you type or talk to a virtual assistant SafeChat will confirm the identity without any complications to the user experience.

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