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ID R&D specializes in the next generation of authentication solutions including voice, behavioral, and fusion biometrics. The team produces the next level of biometric authentication solutions.

Products & ServicesProducts & Services


Learn more about our R&D-based solutions. Our scientific team is composed of multiple PhD fellows who have won several prestigious awards and published a number of scientific journals.



Our flagship near frictionless solution for mobile login combines facial recognition and behavioural biometrics making it the first of its kind. All the user has to do is type his or  username as the  multi-factor, multi-modal biometric ID.


Behavioral biometrics utilize unique individual patterns in the way people interact with various devices for frictionless and reliable authentication. The user only has to type in his or her username and the rest is taken care of by the app.


IDVoice is a highly accurate voice biometrics with a low footprint and flexible deployment options. IDVoice delivers a consistent experience with far-field microphones and no quality deterioration in noisy environments.

ID Anti-Spoof

An award-winning solution that can distinguish between human voice, recording of a human voice and computer generated/modified voice (TTS and VC). ID Anti-Spoof can determine if the new tech solutions are robots or not.


The world’s first frictionless, continuous multi-modal biometric verification product for chatbots and virtual assistants. It doesn’t matter if you type or talk to a virtual assistant SafeChat will confirm the identity without any complications to the user experience.