Product Offering

ID R&D delivers products at two levels:

  • Each biometric component individually, such as a voice biometric component or facial liveness detection, packaged as an SDK for your platform of choice and as a Cloud service
  • A combination of biometric components that enable solutions for mobile and web, such as SafeChat™, that combines voice, voice anti-spoofing, face, face anti-spoofing, and keystroke dynamics to create a zero effort authentication experience, also packaged as an SDK for your platform of choice

Read more about our core components in our Technology section.  Or scroll down to see our applications and try them yourself.

Integration Options

We deliver the products to you as an SDK for iOS, Android, Linux, or Windows.  Therefore, you can deploy the biometric engine on the client or on a server. In a web application, for example, you capture the audio, face, and keystroke information through the browser and then send the information to a server for processing.  For a native mobile app, you may choose to keep the biometrics local to the device for FIDO and for off-line authentication, or you may choose to split capability between the mobile device and a server.

If you have a custom device or need to integrate at a chip-level, contact us.  We can deliver customized packages with small footprints.


ID R&D’s core voice biometric capability exists as a standalone deliverable called IDVoice™.  IDVoice™ incorporates leading research that delivers exceptionally low error rates for both text-dependent and text-independent applications.  

IDVoice™ performs well with far-field microphones and noisy environments. We customize components of IDVoice™ for small footprint IoT and deliver the full range of components for maximum accuracy on servers to verify users in natural language, conversational interfaces across any audio channel.

Experience It For Yourself

SafeChat™ 2.0

SafeChat™ 2.0 is the world’s first zero effort, continuous multi-modal verification product for chatbots and virtual assistants.  SafeChat™ 2.0 combines the power of voice, face, and behavioural dynamics to authenticate a user without requiring a login and password.  

Type or speak your requests to a chatbot. We’ll analyze the keystroke dynamics, mobile device gyroscopic sensors, voice, and face to indicate whether this is the authorized user on the account.

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The process of typing in a standard login and password on mobile and web apps gives you an opportunity to strengthen your verification by adding a combination of facial recognition and behavioural biometrics to the login/password combination.  

The user simply types in a login and password. IDSquared™ validates the user by how the user types the login and password and by capturing the user’s face at the same time. Enrollment can be entirely zero effort, happening in the background when the user types a login and password as they normally do.

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Behavioral biometrics utilize unique individual patterns in the way people interact with various devices for zero effort and reliable authentication. Everyone has different typing mannerisms and behaviors.  

IDBehave™ leverages this fact to create unique biometric templates for each user with little or no additional effort from the user. Use IDBehave™ for continuous verification of a web user in the background as a method to strengthen security.  

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ID R&D delivers services in two ways.  First, we will assist you with constructing and deploying solutions built around our core technology and products.  But not every situation has a product that fits.  The second way we will with services is use our expertise to create solutions just for you, such as porting to your device, performing research into new ideas specific to your problem set, and developing new software products to fit your needs.  We’re here to help solve problems, not just sell you products.