Our Drive – Best in Class Biometrics

We’ve only been around since 2016, but our team has decades of combined experience in biometrics.  Already people are noticing.  Companies specializing in biometric solutions deploy our core voice, face, and behavioral biometrics in the field.  Major financial institutions on three continents use our software. And multiple companies are engaging us to bring our industry-leading biometric technology into their custom hardware.

Who We Are

Our company was founded from a team of professionals with decades of experience in the biometric field both on the business side and scientific side. The ID R&D management is built from award-winning professionals that utilize their vast experience to create new and exciting capabilities.

ID R&D’s CEO and co-founder, Alexey Khitrov, has extensive first-hand leadership experience as a VP for one of the largest biometric firms in Europe. He successfully established the US subsidiary, pioneered new products and deployed award-winning solutions with prominent government and financial institutions.

The Chief Science Officer and co-founder, Konstantin Simonchik, brings a wealth of experience not only as the former science head of a large biometric firm in Europe but also as a professor of Speech Information Systems at a distinguished university. He has more than 30 leading peer reviewed scientific publications devoted to speaker recognition and anti-spoofing topics, numerous recognitions and awards from IEEE and ASVspoof, along with winning other prestigious biometric evaluations.

Our Vision – No Driver’s License Necessary!

When you greet a friend, you don’t ask to see a driver’s license and get the last four digits of a social security number to confirm your friend’s identity.  You know your friend from how they look, speak, and act. We believe the same should be true with human to machine interfaces.

At ID R&D, we bring that vision to reality.  Our research focuses on

  • Voice Biometrics using Artificial Intelligence, including Deep Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks
  • New inventions such as our patented p-vector algorithms and optimized x-vector algorithms for feature extraction
  • Anti-spoofing to protect voice and face biometrics from fraud attacks